Why It Is Impossible To Find A Good Investment Deal?

By - Chase
13.04.22 05:11 PM

Why It Is Impossible To Find A Good Investment Deal?

  1. Today I am writing to you about why it is impossible to find a good investment deal in today's competitive real estate market. In 2022 it is impossible to find good investment deals, because in today’s real estate market, investment deals are harder to come by. There is, because there is limited property supply! Because of this, there is increased bidding wars with the limited supply of properties and the multiple offer situations that can take the wind out of investors sails when wanting to purchase investment properties.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  2. Being rejected over and over can take it's toll. In today's real estate market, we are currently in what is known as a recession. In Central Florida this means there is less then 1 month's worth of real estate inventory available for purchase. This makes it harder to find good investment deals. People are resorting to calling investment signs on the side of the road. When this happens, you know investors are disparate. There are what's known as 4 real estate market cycles. Within the market cycles are, Recovery, Expansion, Hyper-Supply, and Recession. I'll go into detail about each real estate cycle to come. When the recovery real estate cycle happens the market is recovering from a recession blowout. Within this cycle things slow and construction projects stall. Things continue to build to expansion with health growth continuing to build towards Hyper-Supply. Everything is point to a recovery. The bubble should burst soon. Keep an eye out. The buy and bold strategy is the best used in all four real estate cycles. Contact us for more help. We are happy to be your go to real estate investment guide. Inquiries of a technical nature are always encouraged                                    
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