Why I Don't Deserve A 3% Listing Commission As A Realtor?

By - Chase
13.04.22 05:11 PM

3% Listing Commission As A Realtor

5-7 Days On The Market 

I'm writing this blog today to communicate to you all the ways that realtors don't deserve A 3% Listing Commission, as a Realtor in today's real estate market. Since today’s real estate market is a very competitive sellers' market, it has been devalued heavily. If I'm a full-service listing agent, out there, hustling, bustling, and negotiating then fine the commission is worth it, but right now with just one month worth of inventory on the MLS, and If you are a pretty hands-on person who doesn’t mind rolling up selves, then you can probably save a couple of thousand dollars by not paying me or any realtor 3% commission, actually please read this entire article for you to find out how you can list your property for free on the MLS, HERE. Here are the reasons why, number 1, most of the time most properties on average are selling in 5-7 days on the market, What, only, 5 to 7 days? Yes! Also, there is only currently 1 month of inventory available on the MLS, so that means it’s a extremely competitive market, so if you have half a brain and you can go ahead and take good pictures and throw your property on the MLS, you’ll get flooded by sellers. If you don’t mind negotiating your own deals and your very hands on then you really don't need to pay a realtor a commission. A 3% real estate commission is the standard rate home sellers pay each agent in their transaction. Most sales involve two agents — a listing agent and the buyer’s agent. When each realtor earns 3%, the seller will pay a 6% total commission fee. Rising home prices and increased competition among agents are making standard 3% realtor fees harder to justify. These days, most sellers pay less than 6% in total. When you sell a house, you’ll typically pay each agent involved in the transaction a 3% commission fee. 


Normally, a conventional home sale usually involves two agents:  

Your listing agent gets a 3% listing fee for helping you market and sell your home. 

The buyer’s agent gets a 3% buyer’s agent fee for bringing the buyer to purchase the home.  


Most real estate agents get paid with commissions. Commissions are typically calculated as a percentage of a property’s sale price, though some brokerages will charge a flat fee. The average real estate agent commission rate nationwide is 5.8% of the home sale price. When it comes to a commission, a key point to remember is that 15 percent of all sellers make their listing decision based solely upon the commission rate. They view all real estate agents and companies as being the same. Consequently, it makes no difference which agent they hire. The only thing that matters to investors is paying as little commission as possible.  

Another 5-10 percent of all sellers want only the very best and are willing to pay a full commission to obtain it. The balance (75-80 percent) will pay a full commission. So, if you're planning a move, you're probably also planning to hire a real estate agent. Before you do. Having to justify the commission fee when you can list with us for a $299 flat rate on the MLS and not have to list with an agent. Real estate agents suck. They are terrible people inside and out. Your listing will be distributed to several online listings. Buyers will be able to see your photos and full details about your property! The best part is that when you're listing sells, you won't have to pay the commissions to the realtors that normally you would have to pass on to them. that money and use it to break down the property and flip it for more money!  Please let us know if you have any questions. Inquiries of a technical nature are always encouraged.


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